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Department 56 Dreamers
Membership Application

Date: ___________
Complete Name(s): _________________________
Street: ___________________________________
City: ____________________________________
State: ____________________________________
Zip: _____________________________________
Phone Number (home): ______________________
Fax Number: ______________________________
Email Address: _____________________________ 

May we include you in our public club directory? [__] Yes [__] No

The collections you collect (check all that apply): 

[_]Dickens Village [_]Christmas in the City
[_]Alpine Village [_]Little Town of Bethlehem
[_]North Pole [_]New England Village
[_]Disney Parks [_]Snow Village
[_]Snowbabies [_]Snowbunnies
[_]Winter Silhouettes [_]Story Book Villages 
[_]D56 Ornaments - WHICH ______________  [_]Seasons Bay Village
[_]Other: _________________________
[_]Other: _________________________