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Join the Department 56 Dreamers Online!

Interested in joining the Department 56 Dreamers?

The annual dues are $15 yearly.
That includes our Department 56 Newsletter published
six times a year plus a name badge and membership card.

   We can now accept online memberships! Please fill out the following 
form then wait for a confirmation.  In the conformation email you will
get an address on where to mail the check. 

Department 56 Dreamers 
Membership Form 

Name (First and Last): 
What is your COMPLETE email address: 
City:  State:  Zip Code: 
Phone Number 

The D56 Collections you collect:

Dickens Village New England Village
North Pole Christmas In the City
Alpine Village Little Town of Bethlehem
Disney Parks Village Snow Village
Seasons Bay Village Story Book Village
Snowbabies Snowbunnies
Babies on the Farm In the Garden
Winter Silhouettes Ornaments
Other If other, type in here.

Date of Submission: 

Your e-mail address again please:  


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